How do you fix the broken statue to pray?


Outside the bar, there is a statue you can pray at. When I try to interact with it, it does not let me as it says the statue is broken. What are you meant to do with it?

How do you fix the broken statue to pray
Neon Abyss

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2 Answers

NukeZer0 -

Repairing this statue is done via the skill tree. Kill bosses to get the crystals to spend on the skill tree. Interact with this tree by talking to the barman at the bar. There are multiple skill trees in the game. This is something you will get much later in the game.You must work your way up the tree before you will be able to repair the pray statue.

I believe the statue allows you to spend skill points on weapons. The idea being that you would use those points when you run out of skill tree items. The statue is a late game item that most will probably never use unless you put a lot of hours into the game.

Dan -

I’m not sure what the statue does when you pray. No videos on YouTube or anything. I’ve heard you unlock it as part of a skill tree later in the game but I didn’t see it.

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