How To Get The Best Armor Set In God of War

Best Armor Set In God of War

This guide will give you the answer to the million dollar question, what is the best armor set in God of War. The best armor set is actually quite easy to get, although it does require a bit of grinding. This armor set, once fully upgraded should be all you need to take on the Valkyries and any other boss in the game without having to get your ass whooped.

In order to get the best armor set in God of War you will need to travel to Niflheim. This will require you to have obtained all of the language discs to unlock the realm. Once it is unlocked you can go there from the central travel room.

When compared to the other worlds, Niflheim has to be the worst one to visit. Unfortunately for you, you are going to need to spend some time here grinding an item called a mist echo in order to purchase the gear that you need. So here is how it works.

Once you arrive at Niflheim you will get a dwarf quest to close three tears in the workshop. Completing this will not get you the armor, but it will get the ingredients you need to upgrade the armor. To actually purchase the armor, all you need to do is get some mist echos. Around 7500 should do (this is not a large amount).

Gathering Mist Echos

The main thing you need to be able to craft this armor set is mist echos. You also need hacksilver, but I suspect you have enough of this by now. To get mist echos you need to do several loops through the cursed fog labyrinth. It isn’t as scary as it sounds. If you follow my mist echo farming guide, you can get through this fairly easy and get around 7000 echos every few minutes.

Crafting The Best Armor In God of War

This step is fairly simple. Once you have the ingredients. Head back to the dwarf shop and you will see that there are 3 different pieces of the Invaldi armor set for shoulders, waist and arms. Im not sure why there are even three as you will want the third (best) one each time. Once the armor is crafted, it should give you a small boost to health regen along with some incredible protection. See the images below for the best armor pieces to purchase.

Best Armor shoulders

Best waist armor

god of war best gauntlets

Upgrading The Armor Set

This part is where the real work comes in. Not only do you need to go and farm some mist echos, but you also need some extra ingredients. Some of which you get from completing the trials in muspelheim and other items can ONLY be found inside the treasure chests in the workshop on Niflheim. To unlock these chests you will need more mist echos….lots and lots of mist echos. There are a few other bits you need, but you will collect them naturally. You will end up needing around 50’000 echos to unlock everything in the workshop. It is quite a grind but once you get the hang of thing’s it isnt too bad. You will be getting through the labyrinth quite quickly and getting a nice amount of echos in the process.

I would suggest you upgrade this armor to the max as soon as possible. You will not need any other armor in the game once you have this one. When it is upgraded to the max it is by far the best armor when it comes to stats alone. When you include the fact that it also regenerates your health, it is the perfect choice for the tough boss battlles.

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