Final Boss On Elite Difficulty

After completing the entire game once you are now at the point of playing through Men In Black Alien Crisis on Elite difficulty and you are now faced with the painful challenge of killing Nethera on elite difficulty. This boss might have seemed easy the first time around, but on elite difficulty this boss fight is cheap as hell and seriously frustrating to complete. Thankfully there is a very easy way to kill the final boss on elite difficulty.

Forget everything you did the first time you fought this boss, the second time around she is a serious nightmare. You will need to fire an insane amount of bullets into Nethera before you even get to the part where you can drop the pad on her head to kill her. Once you get here the pad only stays down for a few short seconds before flying back up making it very difficult to complete this, but here is the ultimate strategy for killing Nethera on Elite difficulty in Men in Black Alien Crisis

How To Kill Nethera on Elite Difficulty

In order to do this you are going to need to have maxed out the std issue 1995 and also have maxed out the cerebral accelerator. As this is your second time playing through the game its highly likely you have done this already. If you dont know what this is press select to bring up the upgrade menu where you can upgrade the weapon and powerup.

As soon as the fight starts, equip the cerebral accelerator and activate it. The cooldown for this powerup is very very short when its maxed out. So short that you can pretty much play this entire fight in slow motion. This makes it incredibly easy to kill the little babies that come after you and more importantly shoot the wires on the platform above Netheras head when she is recharging.

The reason behind using the std issue 1995 is there is no delay in using this weapon while under the effects of the cerebral accelerator. Other weapons will fire more slowly but this one does not. This means you can slow time down and fire at the exact same speed. Another great advantage is the unlimited ammp! The game will hardly be able to keep up with the rate at which you are whooping ass with this setup.

Make sure to reactivate the power as soon as it recharge to minimize damage. Dont bother taking any cover as it will get you killed. Stay out in the open and run around to dodge bullets. They will be firing so slowly that you wont have any trouble doing this.

When Nethera releases the babies, you can wipe these guys out before then even start to run while in slow motion. You can now get all the health you need.

Once you get down to the final platform you can hammer away at her until she stands under the platform that recharges her. Try and work out the timing so you activate the cerebral accelerator as soon as she stands underneath the platform. You might get lucky and destroy the platform first time around if you time it right. If not it should be easy to get it done in 2 tries.

With this method i beat her first go after dying several times using other methods. I was able to killer her faster using this method than i did playing it on normal difficulty. This is by far the easiest way to kill the final boss on elite difficulty in Men in Black Alien Crisis.

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