Destiny 2 LFG Beginners Guide

For a large amount of the game modes in Destiny 2, there is built-in matchmaking. This means when you launch the activity, the game will put you into a fire team with some other players. When it comes to the more difficult events such as the grand master nightfall, raids and dungeons, you will not get automatically put into a group with some other players. That is where the various Looking For Game (LFG) communities come into the mix.

There are lots of communities across sites like Reddit and Discord where you can team up with other like-minded players. For those getting started, it is generally best to join a clan as players in clans are often far more accepting of players who have not completed the raids and dungeons before.

One of the biggest obstacles around getting started with the LFG communities is the terminology and then when you figure that out, knowing how to put things into action. This is a beginner’s guide for any Destiny 2 player looking to get started with raids and dungeons but is struggling to break into these LFG communities.

LFG Terminology / Acronym Definitions

A lot of players will use acronyms to shorten various common phrases used to describe what the fireteam is being set up to do and what they are looking for specifically.

  • KWTD – Know What To Do. This doesn’t mean you have to have completed the event. You can have watched game guides and just know what you need to do.
  • CP – Checkpoint. For larger events, such as raids and dungeons, there are normally checkpoints after each boss fight. This allows you to leave the game and next time you join the activity, you will pick up where you left off instead of having to start the entire thing again from the start.
  • Fresh – A fresh start for the activity. No use of checkpoints for this. The team will be starting from the beginning.
  • LF {NUMBER} M – This describes how many players are needed. The LF stands for “Looking For”, M is more and the number describes how many they are looking for. So if you were to see “LF2M” it means they are looking for 2 more.
  • {NUMBER} Clears – Bad news for new players, when this is included, it means they want a player who has cleared the activity X number of times. It generally means they do not want new players.
  • RR {NUMBER} – Many communities will use discord for voice chat. Raid rooms are setup for this to allow players to speak with each other. If you are given this information, you will need to find the raid room in the community to join.
  • 100k, 250k, 300k – This refers to the score that the team hopes to achieve in this activity. There are pinnacle rewards for achieving certain scores in different events. Seeing a number like this probably means the team are hoping to achieve this score to get a reward.
  • NF – Nightfall strike
  • /join username#XXXX – Join codes are specific to Destiny 2. If you type this command into the game, you will join the fire team for this user. If you are playing on a console, you will need to use the text chat window. You can find out how to use join commands on console here.

Raid Acronym Definitions

  • VoG – Vault of Glass
  • LW – Last Wish
  • Vow/VotD – Vow of the Disciple
  • GoS – Garden of Salvation
  • DSC – Deep Stone Crypt
  • KF – King’s Fall
  • RoN – Root of Nightmares

Dungeon Acronym Definitions

  • Proph – Prophecy
  • Pit/PoH – Pit of Heresy
  • GoA – Grasp of Avarice
  • Shattered – Shattered Throne

Sharing Your Bungie Name

Since most communities encourage cross-platform play, you will see that most players make use of their Bungie name instead of the platform-specific Gamertag. This means you will need to learn a little about Bungie names. These names are automatically assigned to all new players of Destiny 2. They are generally going to be the same as the username that you are using on the current network followed by a hash and then four random numbers. The value can be found in game by hovering over your own username. The video guide below will show you how to find your Bungie name in Destiny 2.

Many players will use this Bungie name as their display name on discord to make it easy for players to both join you and for you to be invited to other games.

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