The Best Class To Use In Destiny 2

best class to use in destiny 2

Just like the first Destiny game, Destiny 2 comes with 3 distinct character classes that grant you access to unique abilities and powers related to this class. Since most people will commit to one class and focus on it, you want to make sure you make the right decision. If you are familiar with RPG games, you will merely need to figure out what the common class names are for the 3 classes to decide which one works for you. If you are less familiar the guide below (with medieval RPG references) will help you decide which class to choose when starting your adventure into the world in Destiny 2.

Titan (Warrior)

The titan class is the equivalent of the classic warrior/soldier class. The general rule for this type of class is it is good for beginners. You can deal plenty of damage and take a beating, allowing you to take on enemies with a less tactical approach and still come out the other end in one piece. With the Titan in Destiny 2, you are essentially a space marine. The sub classes allow you to push further into whether you want to have a titan that deals a lot of damage or a titan that can take a lot of damage. Being a tank (take a lot of damage) is a valuable path to follow for raids and such as you can take all aggression of the strong enemies while your team mates, who deal a lot more damage than you, but die easily can take the enemy down.

If you struggle to stay alive in games and prefer the “go in guns blazing” method of combat, the titan class is probably the best for you.

Hunter (Rogue)

The hunter is a lot like the rogue class. You rely on stealth and agility to sneak up on enemies and take them out without attracting too much attention. As a hunter, you will need to stay well out of the spotlight and opt for the silent approach. Hunters have strong abilities in the areas of melee and dodging. The main goal of this class is to kill the enemy before they can hit you. This class requires a little more of a tactical approach. You will not be able to run straight into combat and wipe out enemies. The hunter is not able to take a massive beating and you will find yourself getting killed more often than not if you try to play this class as if it were a titan. However, you can deal a hell of a lot of damage with this class. In the world of MMOs you might consider the hunter to be a DPS focussed class. All about dealing damage while avoiding taking any.

If you like the idea of stealth and sneaking then this is the class for you. Some day you may be the Solid Snake of Destiny.

Warlock (Mage)

The warlock is the final class in Destiny 2 and is a fairly standard one. The warlock is pretty much a mage. This character class has a focus on using magic and spells. The warlock is quite similar to a Hunter in the sense that you deal damage and avoid taking any. Unlike the hunter, the warlock has a lot of additional abilities that give you much better mobility and control in the battlefield. Dealing large amounts of damage through powerful spells is one side to the warlock that is valuable to posses, but you can take on an additional role on top of being a high damage dealer. The warlock can become a healer class.

This allows you to restore the health of team mates during combat. If you want to play as a warlock, you need to have a good handle of the battlefield and be aware where all other members of the team are during combat. If you drift too far from a hunter, they may die, if you drift too far from the tank, you might get killed. When you die, the team can often die. This class requires a lot of skill but can be one of the most rewarding once you get past the difficult early levels.

Choosing a class is never easy and it can suck if you feel you made the wrong decision. However, the classes in Destiny 2 are quite forgiving in that even if you “make the wrong choice”, you can usually manipulate the sub class abilities in a way that suits your play style.

The bottom line for what class to choose in Destiny 3 comes down to simple questions (although I would suggest reading the above rather than basing your decision on this.)

  • Do you like to lead the charge into battle? – Titan
  • Do you like being a healer? – Warlock
  • Do you like to take on lots of enemies? – Titan
  • Do you like to bust through the front door and start shooting things? – Titan
  • Do you like magic & spells? – Warlock
  • Do you like stealth and sneaking? – Hunter
  • Are you bad at dodging enemy attacks? – Titan
  • Would you like enhanced dodging abilities and high manoeuvrability skills? – Warlock
  • Would you rather kill enemies before they spot you? – Hunter
  • Don’t know which to choose? – Titan
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