Most Valuable Items For Crafting In Fallout 4

valuable items for crafting

When crafting you need to scavenge as much junk as you can from across the wasteland. There are a few crafting items in particular that are quite difficult to find. There is nothing worse than finally unlocking a perk to build that weapon mod and discovering that you are missing something like fiberglass and be left wondering, “Where the hell am I supposed to find that?”.

With the workbench DLC on the way, this seems like a perfect time to start hoarding some junk so you aren’t left having to scavenge around the wasteland for junk that you could have found in advance. To make life easy here is a guide of all of the valuable items for crafting In Fallout 4. If you spot any of this in your travels be sure to pick it up! I have included the weight of the item so you can better plan your scavenging and not be left over-encumbered.


Crafting Components


Military Grade Duct TapeX4 Adhesive, X2 Ballistic Fiber0.1
Makeshift Battery 3 Acid, 3 Lead, 1 Wood6
Recorder 1 Aluminum, 1 Circuitry, 1 Glass, 1 Nuclear Material0.75
Carlisle Typewriter 2 Aluminum, 6 Gears, 4 Screws, 5 Springs5
Wakemaster Alarm Clock 2 Glass, 2 Spring, 2 Nuclear Material, 2 Aluminum1
Abraxo Cleaner Industrial Grade 4 Antiseptic, 2 Acid, 2 Fiberglass 1
Sensor Module 5 Circuitry, 3 Copper, 1 Steel 2
Microscope 2 Crystal, 2 Gear, 2 Glass, 1 Fiber optics 5
ProSnap Camera 4 Crystal, 4 Spring, 4 Gear 3
Giddyup Buttercup3 Gear, 5 Steel, 4 Spring, 4 Screws8
Alarm Clock1 Glass, 2 Aluminum, 1 Spring, 1 Nuclear Material 1
Antique Pocket Watch1 Spring, 2 Silver, 2 Gears0.5
Gold or Silver Watch2 Gold or Silver, 1 Spring, 2 Gears0.5

If anyone has any other additional valuable items for crafting that I didn’t include, leave a comment below and I can add it to the list.

I have created a wiki that has a full list of every item that can be scrapped to create every type of crafting component.

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