Resce Watch Captain Astanya or Stop the Assassins In A Hostile Situation?

In Elder Scrolls Online, the quest “A Hostile Situation” is an important early quest in the Aldmeri Dominion storyline. This guide will provide an in-depth overview of the quest, focusing on the critical decision players must make between rescuing Watch Captain Astanya or stopping a group of assassins. We will also discuss the outcomes of each choice.

A Hostile Situation Quest Overview

“A Hostile Situation” is a main quest in the Aldmeri Dominion storyline, taking place in the city of Vulkhel Guard on the island of Auridon. Players will receive this quest after completing the “Ensuring Security” quest. The main objective of “A Hostile Situation” is to foil a plot by the Veiled Heritance, a group of Altmer nationalists who aim to overthrow Queen Ayrenn.

The Decision: Rescuing Watch Captain Astanya or Stopping the Assassins

During the quest, players will come across a difficult decision: rescuing Watch Captain Astanya or stopping a group of assassins. Should you rescue the watch captain or stop the assassins? Both choices have consequences that will impact the outcome of the quest.

Option 1: Rescuing Watch Captain Astanya

If players choose to rescue Watch Captain Astanya, they will need to find and confront her. She is being held captive by the Veiled Heritance in a nearby warehouse. Players will have to fight their way through several enemies to reach her. After freeing Astanya, she will express her gratitude and ask the player to help her stop the assassins.

Upon choosing this option, players will receive the following benefits:

  • Watch Captain Astanya will survive and become an ally.
  • Players will receive a unique reward, the “Astanya’s Cache” container, which contains various useful items.

Option 2: Stopping the Assassins

If players choose to stop the assassins, they will need to locate and defeat the three Veiled Heritance assassins who are planning to kill Queen Ayrenn. The assassins can be found in different parts of Vulkhel Guard, and players will need to search for them and eliminate them before they can carry out their plan.

Upon choosing this option, players will face the following consequences:

  • Watch Captain Astanya will die during the quest.
  • Players will receive a different reward, the “Queen’s Own Coffer” container, which also contains various useful items.

Outcomes and Consequences

Regardless of the choice made, players will successfully foil the Veiled Heritance’s plot, and Queen Ayrenn will be safe. The main difference between the two choices lies in the fate of Watch Captain Astanya and the rewards received.

By rescuing Watch Captain Astanya, players will gain an ally who may provide assistance in future quests. Additionally, they will receive the “Astanya’s Cache” container as a reward. On the other hand, if players choose to stop the assassins, Watch Captain Astanya will die, and players will receive the “Queen’s Own Coffer” container instead.

Ultimately, the decision between rescuing Watch Captain Astanya or stopping the assassins in “A Hostile Situation” comes down to the player’s preference and desired outcome. Both choices have their consequences, and players should consider their options carefully before making a decision.

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