RTS Where Dawn of War Meets Company of Heroes

Over the last few years the RTS genre has sort of died off and become something a little different from what it once was. Franchises like The Settlers have become a distant memory. I am a big fan of the genre, so much so that I have been digging up some dinosaurs like Fate of The Dragon to feed my RTS needs. Today I came across a game called Iron Harvest and it immediately jumped out at me. It’s sort of like Company of Heroes meets Dawn of War if I were to reference existing RTS games, but It reminds me a lot more of Wolfenstein.

There isn’t much available on the game just yet as it was only announced recently, but the trailer looks pretty awesome. This is a game that I will definitely be keeping on my radar over the coming months. From the video below, it is hard to tell if there will be any sort of base building involved in the missions. The game is being released for consoles, which is probably a strong signal that Iron Harvest is going to be more similar to the gameplay style of Dawn of War II than anything else.

The large scale mech we see in the trailer is a lot like that of Resistance Fall of Man, which makes me even more confident that I am going to like the theme of this game. Since it is an RTS, it is unlikely we will see any of these sky scraper sized robots in the game, but it at least gives us a good idea of what to expect in terms of the technology that will be available to us.

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