What Is one Punch Mode in Dead Island About?


What is the Dead Island one punch mode about? I am starting the game for the first time and want to get the most fun out of it. Is the one punch mode going to make the game more fun? I don’t want to make it too easy if it results in me being able to kick the crap out of all the zombies with a single attack.

What Is one Punch Mode in Dead Island About
Dead Island: Definitive Edition

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SteveSickle89 -

The one-punch mode in Dead Island is the opposite of what you are thinking it is. It actually means that the zombies will be able to kill you in a single hit. It makes the game a hell of a lot harder. One weak zombie that sneaks up behind you will be able to take you out in a single shot. IF you are up for a challenge you can give this mode a go but if you want to experience the game and have as much fun as possible, i wouldn’t suggest you enable this game mode.


  1. That’s I played it it means you can kill most of them in one hit it also sends them flying

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