How do you get to the traffic light to cleanse it?

I've gotten to the traffic light item of power and it's flashing green, orange, red. It teleports me back to the entrance. I can hide from it when it goes red at the first wall but if I try sneak around it always catches me. There's no way it can see me. What are you meant to do here to get up to the traffic light. 

This is for the Langston's runaways quest. I've found the traffic light at the Panopticon.

How do you get to the traffic light to cleanse it? Control

How to solve traffic light puzzle in control for Langston's runaways. See below for the answer to this question.

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Dan Hastings

It's like the traffic lights game kids play. When it is green light you can move freely. Orange is your warning to stop and then red means stop. You can't move when it's red, even if you are out of view of the traffic lights. Listen for the sound it makes when it turns green. This helps if it's out of view. Only move when the light is green. Once it goes orange stop straight away. You can slowly creep your way up to the lights in this way.

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