How do you get to the Japanese lantern altered item?


I need to reach the Japanese lantern altered item as part of the Langston’s Runaways quest. I can see the area on the map but I don’t know how to get to it. The area still has question marks so I’ve not been there at all. How do I get to it. I found a door that looks like it leads to it but it’s locked from the other side. 

How do you get to the Japanese lantern altered item

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Dan Hastings -

You get there the first time via a light switch which makes it tricky to find the entrance. The video below will show you how to get to the Japanese lantern. If you don’t want to use that. Go to containment and look for a large map of the US. It’s left on the main map. Travel to the control point here to make it fast. To the left of the US Naomi’s a double door. Go in here and some guy will call to you. Go straight ahead and up the stairs and he will be sitting next to a safehouse injured. Take the quest from him and use the light switch to your right. The rest from here is simple.


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