No matchmaking for Division 2 raid! Thats sucks

I played the shit out of Division 2 when I first got it. I never played the first game so it was all new to me and after quickly getting sick of the repetitiveness of Destiny 2, this game stuck with me for a while.

I moved into Days Gone and sort of forgot about this game. Since I am trying my best to clear the backlog right now, I don’t want to buy Red Dead. At the same time, there are only so many shit games you can play for trophies before you want to stare into the sun. To cure myself of boredom, I said Id throw on Division to see how the raid is.

I have a gear score of 496, so while I may not be perfectly geared for the raid, I thought I might be high enough to at least get through a bit of it and get a feel for what it was like. Maybe it would reignite my addiction and give me something to grind toward.

The damn raids have no matchmaking! This means I need to have 7 friends playing this game if I want to do the raids!? It would be a struggle to find this many friends to give me a thumbs up on social media, never mind play this game.

I read up on it and apparently they did it because they want people to work as a team and communicate with each other. With matchmaking people may not use headsets or whatever. It’s a good point, but no matchmaking is some balls. It looks like they plan to add it at some stage but for now, I am going to have to visit Reddit and find some people in the same boat as me….I dunno If I wanna put the effort in for this sort of thing.

Now that I think of it, wasn’t this the case for Destiny 2? I was well into this game and did have people to play with but I never beat any raids. I beat pretty much everything else there was but never got that platinum trophy! I think I may have discovered the fatal flaw in my interest in these types of games. Nobody to fuckin play with! Feel like the loner kid at school now. Time to get back to my fantastic easy platinum games for now.

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