Burning Through The Backlog…again!

The video game backlog, the best and worst thing about gaming. It is great that we live in a time when there are so many great games to play. All of which can often be obtained for half nothing during seasonal sales. I am sure many others are in the same position where they have a shortage of time to play them all. Staying on top of the backlog is a damn killer!

My Steam backlog is just a collection filled with guilt. Years of buying humble bundles and never downloading any of them. I don’t even have a fucking gaming PC, so don’t ask me what I was thinking!

A while back I started looking into some PlayStation games with easy platinums and I found a shit load of them that I had never played. Between then and now, I was able to grab nearly all of these games during sales. As a result, I have a bucket load of games where I had to, for the first time, start deleting shit from my 1TB drive to make room for Days Gone.

I want to play Red Dead 2 because I feel like a nutter for not having done so yet, but I cant leave the backlog here any longer. For this backlog cleanse, I am going for a different approach than usual. I am going to aim to have the my disk usage down to 500gb before I stop. Considering most of the games I bought for trophies are below 10gb each, I’ll end up having to play a lot of them before it starts to make a decent impact on the disk space.

By the time I am done here, I should have cleared lots of games from the backlog, earned a bunch of trophies and maybe I will get to play some games that are not pure shit (*cough* shitty adventure on the prairie!)

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