Alien Planet Name Generator

alien planet name generator

Alien planets are officially any planet that you are not from. However, any sci fi lover is going to immediately assume an alien planet is one that contains alien life. Regardless of your definition, the alien planet name generator is going to make your life very easy when coming up with a random planet name to use for this alien planet.

If you are looking to create a name for an alien planet that has life on it, you are most likely looking for an earth-like planet. One that has an atmosphere that can sustain life. In this case, make use of the filters below to select an earth-like planet. There are lots of other filters to use which can give you a massive number of name ideas if you are just looking for a general name that is not life specific.

Sci Fi Planet Name Generator

The alien planet name generator above has all of the filters needed to create some awesome name ideas. The suggestions can be specific to the type of planet that it is such as ice, barren and even some ideas for suns. This tool has everything you would need from a Sci-Fi planet name generator.

If you are working on a Sci-Fi story that features aliens, or even humans that travel to an alien planet, you are going to need some kind of vehicle to get there. Check out this spaceship name generator to get some awesome ideas for the ship that will land on this alien planet.

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