Gameplay Leaked From Capcoms Arcade Version Of Luigi’s Mansion

Yes that’ right, the popular Nintendo game Luigi’s Mansion that first appeared on the Gamecube is now an arcade game. The game developed by capcom and is not identical to the original game. It’s actually a new game that is a lot like the House of the Dead games with a Luigi’s Mansion coat of paint. The game actually looks pretty cool!

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade was deployed to a few arcades in November 2014 as a surprise location test. Toward the end of January we started getting some screenshots of it. It seems as though the game is only being released in Japan, so you have a long flight ahead of you if you want to play it.

It’s a surprise that a game like this, being a Nintendo IP has not been released on the Wii. The Wii controllers would work perfectly for this game. At the moment it doesn’t appear that the game will be released outside of the arcade and we may not even see it outside of Japan for some time, so the Arcade Version Of Luigi’s Mansion is going to be a game that we may not ever experience.

For the moment you can enjoy the sneak peak above to get a look at the game running live in the arcade.

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