Real Life Gaming Gadgets Wishlist

Real Life Gaming Gadgets

Video game gadgets are often complex and will likely never be remotely possible to exist in the real world, which sucks because there are some seriously cool gadgets in video games. Here’s our real life gaming gadgets wishlist. Maybe some day these game gadgets will exist in the real world.

Hover Boots – Zelda

Zelda Hover Boots

I can still remember the first time I got the hover boots in ocarina of time. They were the coolest things I had ever seen! They took quite a bit of getting used to and resulted in many deaths from slipping off the edge of a cliff but they were worth it! Having a pair of these bad boys in real life would make for some interesting sports games. Hollywood rooftop chase scenes would be a breeze now that you could just hover over the gaps between buildings. I wonder how many pairs of hover boots it would take to make a hover car??

Gravity Gun – Half Life

Gravity Gun

Just think of the amount of useful applications a gun like this would have. Fair enough there will be a few broken noses from careless use but who cares! Give it a few months and the official gravity ball world cup would be under-way! Wonder what would a gravity gun be like if it was used in space?

Portal Gun – Portal

Portal Gun

Anyone who has played portal will know straight away how useful a portal gun would be. Every bedroom can be an en-suite bedroom! Breaking into places would be a hell of a lot easier too. Trying to get back stage at a Justin Bieber concert? Not a problem…assassination complete!

Groovatron – Ratchet and Clank

Ratchet and Clank Groovatron

A real life groovatron would be the coolest prank ever. Throwing one at church on the weekend to add a bit of much needed entertainment or just going to the zoo to see some dancing animals. It would also turn boring parties in to a rave! I rarely killed any enemies in Ratchet and Clank while using this weapon it was too much fun to watch everything dancing.

Bucket – Minecraft

Minecraft Buckets

This thing can be used to carry around molten lava! What the hell is it made from? and why cant I make armour with it? A molten lava BBQ pit would be pretty damn awesome!

Octocammo – MGS4

MGS4 Octocammo

Octocammo was for me the best gadget in Metal Gear Solid 4. Having a camouflage suit that could change to match the object you touched was amazing. I cant think of any practical real life uses for having octocammo other than scaring the shit out of people, or robbing a bank…now that I think of it most of these items would assist in breaking the law in some form or another.

Pip-Boy – Fallout

Fallout Pip Boy

The pip boy from first glance seems like a huge bulky iPhone running MS-DOS. It has a torch, Geiger counter, radio, seemingly infinite power source, Google maps, keeps track of everything in your bag and of course it can alter your physical abilities, who wouldn’t want something like this for Christmas? Need to kick someone’s ass? just load up the old pip boy and give yourself more strength! Having trouble carrying your mini gun around on a camping trip? Just upgrade your big guns skill! Pip-Boys would make life a whole lot easier, iTunes wouldn’t be able to stand up against pipTunes!

Animus – Assassin’s creed

Assassin’s Creed Animus

The Animus in theory allows you to enter a virtual reality where you can relive memories of your ancestors stored in your DNA. Whether this is actually possible in real life is a different story but lets just assume it is. I sure hope my great great granddad owned a brothel!

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