Relic Ruins: No Man's Land

Relic Ruins: No Man's Land

The No Man’s Land Relic Ruin is one of the first side objectives in Horizon: Forbidden West that you are likely to be locked out of and need to come back later when you obtain the means to destroy the red crystals on the wall.

Once you get the means to take on this ruin, you will have a rather complex puzzle that requires you to think a little differently if you want to be able to solve it. If you are stuck trying to get the relic from this ruin, the guide below will help you out.

No Man’s Land Relic Ruin Guide

You will need to start by heading outside. There are two ways into this ruin, one requires you to crawl through an air vent and the other is a regular path. You want to head to the regular path and you will see the red crystals on the wall. Ignite these to blow up the wall and inside you will find a power core.

find the power core
There will be an uncharged power core inside this rack once you detonate the firegleam

You will need to bring the power core inside and place it into the charger. Once charged, you will need to bring it across to the door. The catch here is that when you step into the water, it short circuits the battery, depleting its charge. You need a more creative way to get it across.

Climb up onto the upper level of the room that is above the charger. If you head through the door at the end, you will see a collapsed hallway. At the other end, you will see a crate. Use your grapple to pull the crate out of its place. Walk back out onto the platform again and you should be able to pull the crate again so that it falls down into the water again.

crate location
You will see that there is a pullable crate inside this doorway. You will need to use the pullcaster to get this down

Once the crate is down in the water, pull it over so that you can walk onto it with the charged battery in your hand. Drop the battery onto the crate and you can now drag this crate across the water, to deliver the battery to the other side of the room.

Once you get over to the other side of the room, you can insert the battery into the door and all you need now is to find out the code to unlock the door.

how to get battery across water
Place the battery on the crate and you can use it as a raft to carry the battery across the water

As with most of the Relic Ruins in this game, there will be a locked door that requires you to input a 4 digit passcode in order to unlock the door. Where can you find this?

If you look nearby, you will see there is a text diary. Scan this and you will be able to read its contents. The VIP key to unlocking the door is inside this. Enter the value 2204 and it will unlock the door for you.

No Mans Land door code

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