How To Get Arc Blind Kills

arc blind

There are several quests and bounties that you might come across in Destiny 2 that are going to require that you blind enemies. One of the more notable is the Shortsighted quest that is part of Destiny 2 Season 18 where you must defeat blinded combatants. You may be wondering how you actually blind enemies to do this? Here is how to do it.

Blind is a status effect that is going to be available from flashbang grenades under the arc type. For those who have not spent much time with arc before, you may not have this grenade type unlocked. If not, obtaining it is super easy and I will explain in the guide below.

how to get arc blind kills
The flashbang grenades are a very simple way to get arc blind kills. Easy to throw and will impact multiple enemies with a single throw.

How To Get The Flashbang Blind Grenade

You will need to head back to the tower and speak with Ikora Ray. She will allow you to purchase different grenades and abilities for each of the different classes. If you navigate under arc and into grenades, you will be able to purchase the flashbang grenade for some glimmer.

purchase flashbang grenades for blind damage
Flashbangs can be purchase for glimmer and will give you the ability to unleash arc blind on enemies.

Once you have purchased the grenade, you can exit from the vendor and there will be a small machine on the shelf nearby that you will need to meditate next to and it will complete the process of making this grenade available to you.

how do you blind enemies
Use the small model on the desk nearby to meditate and unlock the blind grenade
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