How To Get Dinraals Scale

If you have reached the Spring of Power in Breath of the Wild, you will likely be wondering who the hell is Dinraal and how do i get his scale? Well chances are you have already spotted him and not known. Dinraal is one of the 3 flying dragons in this game. You will need to find and attack him to get his scale.

Dragons in Breath of the Wild look more like the serpent style dragons from ancient china than the more common Game of Thrones style dragon that we are all used to by now. There are 3 of them and they are fairly easy to find, once you know where and more importantly WHEN to look!

Like all dragons, where you shoot them, will depend on the item they drop. There is no need for any difficult boss fight and you dont even need to kill the dragon, you just need to shoot them in the right location.

Where to find Dinraal

Dinraal is a red dragon. The best place to find him is to make your way to Tabantha Great Bridge. At 5am (in game time) he will appear. You will see him coming from the north east. He will fly below the bridge and you will get pushed up into the air. Use your glider to get into position and then aim at the body part you need to hit.

How to Get Dinraals Scale

There are 4 different items that you can get from attacking Dinraal. Assuming you hit the correct area, you should have no problem getting the item it drops, assuming it doesnt fall into oblivion, never to be seen again…it happens! To get dinraals scale, you need to shoot his body. It isn’t that hard to do, so you should get it first time so long as you are in a location where it can fall to the ground and you can reach it.

Here are all the things that you can collect from Dinraal in Breath of the Wild.

  • Dinraal’s Scale – Shoot the body
  • Dinraal’s Claw – Shoot the claw
  • Shard of Dinraal’s Horn – Shoot the horns
  • Shard of Dinraal’s Fang – Shoot the face


  1. Hey Dinraal, Naydra, and Farosh (the other dragons) are all girls. Named after the three goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore.

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