Automated Water Farm Using Wells

well water farm

After you have wasted a minute of your life gathering buckets of water from the ocean, you will end up finding out that the water well is a far easier way to obtain water. When it comes to automating the collection of water, it makes sense that you could just hook a few wells to a cooking pot for an infinite source of water.

This guide will show you a handy approach that you can take to creating a large scale water farm using only wells as the source of water. This approach is a simple way to make a water farm that can be used early on in the game. It is not the most efficient, however, particularly if you are looking to complete the quest for earning 5000 gold from selling water.

If you are able to get your hands on some camels and green mono, you should consider checking out this approach to creating a water farm using camels.

Infinite Water Using Water Wells

This approach to gathering water can be scaled to the point where your framerate can’t take any more. You can squeeze a few more cooking pots into this if you wish but the layout shown below will be enough to deal with the supply of water buckets that come from the well.

Follow the steps below to build a supply of infinite water.

1 – Create Line of Water Wells

You can make this line as long as you wish but keep in mind that when you travel too far away from a structure, it will fail to create new items. So try to keep it as compact as you can. You could make a bend in this and use the conveyors if you wish to go to town with this, but as I said above, camels are the best way to make water rather than building 100s of wells and cooking pots.

row of water wells
The long row of water wells will generate a steady stream of water buckets which will make their way to the chest using the conveyor belts

When placing a well, you will need to hop in the air and place the well when you are in the air, otherwise, the game will prevent you from putting it on the ground. Wells must be placed on solid ground and not on a manufactured surface.

2 – Setup Conveyors and Droppers To Catch Water Buckets

Across from the wells, build a wall that the wells will shoot a water bucket toward. This will stop them from flying off the edge and getting lost. The conveyor belt system can run between the wall and the well. When a water bucket is ready, it will shoot out and hit the wall before the conveyor belt carries it to the next stage of the water farm.

3 – Use Cooking Pots To Turn Water Buckets To Water

You will need to boil the buckets of water in order to generate clean water. This is done using a cooking pot. It is possible to do this using a large pot but you want to be able to make multiple glasses of water at the same time, this is why multiple pots are going to be used for this.

cooking pots to make water
The cooking pots attached to a chest will take the water buckets and turn it into clean water

Set up a chest with an absorber at the end of the conveyor belt to capture the water buckets that are coming down from the well.

Attach this chest to multiple cooking pots using craft connectors (the laser devices in the image). This will send the buckets of water to the pot automatically to produce water. You will need to interact with each of the cooking pots after the craft connector has been attached to automate the creation of water.

automated water well farm
The line of wells will produce water which is sent into a chest where the cooking pots will turn it into water

4 – Capture Cooked Water In a Chest

Since you have multiple cooking pots, you will need to build a few extra conveyors to carry the water from the cooking pots to their final destination.

Start by attaching droppers to each of the cooking pots, taking care to direct them toward the wall where they will be captured by the conveyor belt. You can then setup the conveyor to go to a chest.

For this example, I combined it with the camel farm and brought all of the water to the same final chest.

conveyor to chest
Your conveyor system can make its way to a chest with an absorber where you can transfer the resources onto a different location. In this case, you might want to send them onto a marketplace to be sold to earn you some money.
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