An Elegant Tail Guide - Request 41

An Elegant Tail

Request 41 in Pokémon Legends: Arceus will task players to source a Pokémon that has a very particular tail. The quest giver does not know the name of the Pokemon that he is looking for so you will have to spend some time out in the wild trying to find a few different Pokemon that have rather unusual tails, which unfortunately for you, are rather common.

What Is The Name of the Pokemon Needed For “An Elegant Tail”

an elegant tail pokemon
Glameow is the Pokemon that you will be needing to get your hands on to complete this request.

In case you are unfamiliar with this Pokemon, this is Glameow. If you already have one of these in your inventory, you will be able to hand it over right away to complete the quest.

Where To Find Glameow

It is possible to find Glameow in a few different locations around the game. You are more than likely going to find them quite easily at the Cobalt Coastlands where they are roaming around the grass near the start location. They spook easily however so you will need to put on your best Ninja skills to be able to get close enough to be able to catch one without being noticed. The map below from the Pokedex will show you the different locations where you will be able to capture a Glameow for this quest.

where to find glameow
Glameow can be found in two different regions
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