Double the Tails, Double the Fun Guide - Request 50

Double the Tails, Double the Fun

Double the Tails, Double the Fun is a side request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This quest will require you to find a pokemon with two tail fins and return it to the woman who wants you to find it for her again.

As with other quests like this, the detail behind the Pokemon the person is looking for is limited. All you know is that you need to find a Pokemon that has two tails.

What is the Pokemon With Two Tail Fins?

When the Pokemon has tail fins, we can come to the conclusion that this is a reference to a fish Pokemon. There are quite a few fish Pokemon in Arceus and there are a few that you could perceive has having had more than one tail fin. To make things harder, the fish Pokemon are a lot more difficult to find compared to regular Pokemon.

Double the Tails, Double the FunWhere to catch Finneon?

Now that you know the name of the Pokemon that Netta is looking for and what the Pokemon looks like, the next challenge is trying to find where this Pokemon spawns. Since the game is quite large and open waters make it hard to spot Pokemon, you may need to spend some time searching for one. Thankfully, my excessive explorations, trying to catch em all, I have the Pokedex entry that shows where to find them all. Check out the entry below to see where to find this Pokemon.

where to find finneon
You will need to make your way to the Cobalt Coastlands and search the Seagrass haven region to find a Finneon
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