Could The Wii U Be A Future Gold Mine?

It’s no secret that Nintendo have hit some hard times when it comes to the sales performance of the Wii U. There are many things that we can say on this, but if we look past the present and into the future the Wii U could become a gold mine in the future.

I personally think the Wii U is a little expensive at the moment and it doesn’t look like Nintendo have any interest in pushing the Wii U to make it more affordable, but this may not be a bad thing either. If you look back at the history of games consoles there are quite a few failed consoles. Some of these can fetch quite a lot of money when they are in good condition. Unless Nintendo do something soon about the Wii U its going to be a blazing failure. A failure that we can take advantage of.

If we went to the store today and popped 250-300 buying a Wii U and any other bits and pieces it would be a dent in the funds, but it’s an investment. If you take this console. Wrap it in plastic to protect it and never open the box it will become a highly sought after product in the future. Having a brand new in box Wii U, 20 years in the future would sell for an absolute fortune, especially considering not many were sold when the console was in production.

Nintendo already have a new system in the works and a lot of the major developers have already dropped the Wii U which means there really isn’t much hope left for anyone to make money from the system in the business world.

Picking up a sealed Wii U now and selling it in the future could work out very well. Of course it would probably be just as good to buy a PS4 or Xbox One brand new and never open it, but there wont be as much of a demand for these as they are both selling very well and there will be a lot of them on the market in the future creating less of a demand. Any collectors with a Wii U are going to hold onto them as they are going to be hard to come by. Having a brand new one would allow you to sell if for an incredibly high price to whoever will pay!

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