The Portal Paradox (Poem)

In a sterile lab of white and chrome,
Where logic reigns and thoughts do roam,
A portal beckons, blue and red,
A twisted path, where minds are led.

The Portal Paradox, a world of guile,
Where wit and cunning oft beguile.
A labyrinth of shifting walls,
And hidden truths, in hallowed halls.

A voice, malevolent and sly,
Guides the way, with watchful eye.
GLaDOS, cold and calculating,
Her sinister intent, unabating.

Through rooms of challenge, trials unseen,
The player weaves, with mind so keen.
With portal gun, they bend and twist,
Reality’s fabric, in their fist.

The cake, a lie, a cruel tease,
A promise made, but never eased.
Yet onward still, the player strives,
To conquer tests and claim their prize.

And in this world of sterile white,
A flash of color, orange and bright.
Companion Cube, a faithful friend,
In life and death, until the end.

The Portal Paradox, a tale of woe,
A dance of wit, a deadly show.
And at its heart, a truth revealed,
The power of mind, a force unsealed.

For in this journey, we have learned,
The strength of thought, a fire that burned.
And as we leave this twisted maze,
We’ll carry with us, through endless days,

The wit and wisdom, dark and deep,
Of GLaDOS’ lair, where shadows creep.
The twisted machine, forever etched,
In memories of the minds it’s stretched.

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