Hero Survival Review

Hero Survival
hero survival

Sometimes, the allure of a game lies in its simplicity. A title you can effortlessly dive into without the need to master complex combos or mechanics. Hero Survival adopts this approach, offering a gameplay experience that’s easily accessible but unfortunately, ends up feeling overly simplistic.

At its core, Hero Survival is a top-down shooter with a unique, albeit unconventional, twist. Here, the game does all the work when it comes to aiming and firing your weapons. In this shooter, you’re not the one doing the shooting – an odd choice that might raise eyebrows. While this could have opened avenues for innovative gameplay, Hero Survival unfortunately doesn’t fully capitalize on this potential, leaving a noticeable void where traditional shooting mechanics would be.

Players control a character who can equip up to four distinct weapons. These weapons autonomously hover, aim, and shoot at the nearest enemies. Your primary role is to navigate the levels, collecting coins dropped by defeated foes. It’s a gameplay loop that sounds monotonous and, to some extent, is. However, there’s an undeniable charm in this simplicity, akin to the addictive nature of certain mobile and browser games. The enjoyment derives less from active play and more from observing the chaotic ballet of automatic gunfire.

The spectacle of watching your weapons decimate zombies and monsters holds a certain appeal, but it’s a fleeting joy. The game’s reliance on pixel art visuals becomes a double-edged sword, especially in busy scenes with numerous enemies and simultaneous action. This can lead to a cluttered, visually unappealing experience that ends up just looking like pixelated vomit. Additionally, the level designs sometimes suffer from poor color contrast, making it challenging to discern enemies and contributing to the overall visual chaos.

The graveyard level in particular is quite hard on the eyes.

A significant aspect of Hero Survival is its reliance on luck. While players can choose characters with specific skills, the outcome of levels heavily depends on the randomly spawned weapons. This design choice introduces an element of unpredictability, allowing for the possibility of breezing through a level or meeting an untimely defeat based on weapon spawns. In some cases, players might find themselves setting the controller aside, only to return to a completed level with a high score, achieved with minimal input.

This dynamic might appeal to players who enjoy a casual, low-effort victory, but it falls short for those seeking a genuine challenge or engaging gameplay. The game’s over-reliance on luck and the passive nature of combat detract from its potential, leaving players yearning for more substantial engagement.

Hero Survival presents an interesting concept with its hands-off approach to shooting mechanics, but it fails to fully engage the player due to its over-simplification and heavy dependence on luck. While it offers brief moments of enjoyment, the game struggles to maintain lasting appeal, especially for those seeking a more traditional and active gaming experience.


Hero Survival is a top-down shooter that pretty much plays itself. This simplicity makes it easy to pick up and play but detracts from the traditional gaming experience. The gameplay involves navigating levels and collecting coins, with weapons that autonomously aim and fire. While this can be initially engaging, the novelty wears off due to repetitive gameplay and visually cluttered, pixelated graphics. The game heavily relies on luck for level completion, as weapon spawns are random, reducing the need for player skill and strategy. This design choice might appeal to casual gamers but lacks depth for those seeking a challenge.
  • Ideal for casual gaming.
  • Automatic shooting offers a novel gameplay aspect.
  • Entertaining in short sessions.
  • Lack of active shooting mechanics makes gameplay feel too simplistic.
  • The novelty of watching automatic combat wears off quickly.
  • Pixel art style becomes messy in action-packed scenes, detracting from the visual experience.
  • Heavy reliance on random weapon spawns undermines skill and strategy.
  • Fails to provide a sustained or challenging experience for more serious gamers.