Pain would seem like the perfect game to be given the 3D treatment. You are flinging a man around a level that has explosives and tons of objects stacked around the place to knock over. The good news it is the perfect game…unfortunately the 3D in Pain is limited to specific game modes.

If you are expecting to be able to play the standard game mode where you just shoot yourself from the slingshot into the levels then you will be let down! Each map has a few really crappy game modes for you to play in 3D. Bowling, Mime Toss and some other new boring levels that aren’t much fun to play.

While the 3D game modes are a total bore to play the 3D itself is quite good. There is a decent sense of depth, especially with the slingshot and the background objects look like they are in the background most of the time.

I was quite pleased with the 3D quality in Pain but the fact that its 0 fun to play in 3d since the normal game modes like PAINdemonium aren’t available. I will never sit down and ever want to play Pain in 3D again since there is no enjoyment to be had from the game itself.

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