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tank name generator

Tanks are one of the most symbolic and recognizable machines of war. Heavily armored machines with a huge amount of heavy firepower. Modern tanks are faster and better than ever, capable of holding off some of the best anti-tank weaponry. If you are playing a game that has tanks or maybe you have purchased one, this tank name generator will give you lots of cool name ideas you can use for these awesome machines.

To generate name ideas for tanks, click on the button below. It will give you lots of cool suggestions you can use for any game you like. Keep pressing the button to get more suggestions. If you have some feedback or have good names that you would like to share with others, please leave a comment below.

What Is a Tank?

A Tank is a large armored vehicle that can be used as an offensive tool but can also be used as a transport vehicle in times of war. Battle tanks are normally equipped with large turrets that can fire devastatingly large shells capable of causing huge levels of destruction. Smaller turrets are often found on the top or below the main cannon which can be handled by a soldier inside of the vehicle to take out smaller targets.

Tanks are typically driven on tracks, similar to what we see on excavator style diggers. This allows tanks to easily travel across the most rugged and difficult terrain. The downside to this makes it more difficult to quickly turn and makes tanks far less nimble than other vehicles that have wheels that can turn.

Can Tanks Go In Water?

Tanks are covered in a heavy shell of armor. This means they do not float in water, but can they go in water anyway? Tanks can not go underwater, but they can most definitely drive through water. There is a limit to the depth of water that a tank can go through. Since tanks are not watertight, they could end up getting flooded inside, causing the crew inside to be evacuated.

Can Tanks Drift?

Tanks are known for being slow and heavy machines, but in recent times, engine technology has allowed tanks to drive very quickly. The Abrams battle tank that the US military uses can drive up to 45 miles per hour. Not fast compared to the average car, but for a machine this size, it is quick. Drifting normally requires four wheels, where the back wheels will skid. By this definition, it is not possible for tanks to do this. In muddy terrain, it is very much possible for tanks to slide which makes it look like they are drifting.

Are Tanks Still Used Today?

Yes, very much so. Tanks are big and expensive to transport over long distances but they are still used. They play a large part in the war in the middle east and are used by all major military forces from all over the world.

Are Tanks Road Legal?

If you are looking to use this tank name generator to come up with a great name for the tank you plan on buying, then you may need to think again. While it is possible to buy a tank for private use, you will need to jump through some hoops to do so. Even if you get one, driving it on the road will be illegal in most countries. Simply because tanks lack all of the modern things required by road uses. Indicators, rearview mirrors, seatbelts and airbags…although there probably isn’t much risk of you getting hurt.

Even if a tank was fitted with all of the modern things required for a car, it is still far too dangerous. If you fail to spot a car in front of you, rather than rear-end it, you will crush it, potentially killing the people inside. Driving a tank on a public road without a justified reason to do so, for example, you are in the military and are at war, you will likely be arrested.

Do Tanks have Steering Wheels?

Tanks do not typically have steering wheels. The normal layout would give the drive two levers. Push the left one forward and it moves the left track forward. Move the right lever back and it will cause the right track to move back. Doing both of these things together will cause the tank to turn quickly on the spot. Pushing just one forward will cause the tank to move and turn at the same time. Pushing both levers in a direction will move the tank in that direction.

Driving a tank is a lot different to driving a car. Since they do not have wheels that turn, a standard steering wheel that a regular car would use is not relevant or a good idea.

Awesome Name Ideas for Tanks

If you are looking for some awesome name ideas to use for a tank, this tool will help you. If you are tired of clicking buttons, here are some of the best suggestions that this tank name generator has suggested. You can add your own spin to these or mix them up with other ideas that you have had already.

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