Rude & Funny Harry Potter Names

The Harry Potter is a child-friendly universe for the most part. For adults who enjoy the series and want to make use of some rude and funny puns on some of the well-known names of the franchise, we are here to help with this name generator.

This page will give you lots of rude and funny name ideas to use for your characters. There are some profanity filters in many games like Hogwarts Legacy but this tool should be subtle enough in some ways that may allow you to get past the filter and use some of these more rude and funny name ideas or any Harry Potter-based game.

Use the tool below to start getting lots of funny name suggestions. Add your own name into the box to have the funny surnames appended on to your own name. If you can think of any great name ideas that are not used in this generator, please drop a comment below and I can get them added.


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