Where To Find Charlie and Fias Secret In The Bedroom

Toss Charlie's Bedroom

Killing Charlie in Updaam is a quest that you might end up slipping right past when you actually kill Charlie. Even though part of the quest goal is to get a hold of his slab, you must also find some secrets in his bedroom to help you progress with the story and break out of the loop.

If you have the quest marker in Charlie’s bedroom telling you to find a secret

Quest Description: Charlie and Fia are getting it on in an undisclosed location. Luckily keeping secrets isn’t one of charlie’s strengths.

Toss Charlie’s Bedroom Item Location

The video below, and the picture above, show what you need to look for here. Right next to Charlie’s bed you will see a photograph on the bedside locker. Interact with this and Colt will react and say that he is getting it on in Freestad. This is the clue that you needed. Once you pick it up, the questline will update.

If you are unable to find it, the video guide below will show you the location of the item in Charlie’s Bedroom.

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