Fallout 4 Modder Discovers a Secret Weapon

fallout 4 secret weapon

PC modding has almost become a treasure hunt for weird and random things that might be left lying around the games source code. Fallout modder xxdeathknight72xx is one of such treasure hunters and has stumbled across an unfinished weapon that is present in the final build of the game. The weapon does not appear to be something that can be obtained normally as it looks to be unfinished and a tad buggy, but with the power of code this modder has been able to get access to this weapon in game and has tested it out. The resulting video is pretty damn cool!

The gun is a harpoon weapon, that will fire large harpoons to impale enemies. No one knows yet if this weapon was meant to be included and was eventually scrapped or whether it was cut in order to be part of an incoming future DLC pack. For now all we know is what we can see in this video.

The final finish of the gun is pretty basic and the textures as of yet are low res and not up to the standard of any other weapons in the game, but thats not to say it looks terrible. The animations while using the weapon are also slightly bugged. This is likely due to the fact that the weapon was scrapped and there was no need to finish off any of these animations to make the weapon ready for the final build.

It will be interesting to see if we can find any more on the back story of this weapon. The animations would almost suggest that this weapon was meant to be fired under water. This isn’t something that we can really do in Fallout 4 so it will be interesting if this turns out to be a clue for some future content coming our way.

We will keep our eyes and ears posted for any development of this. Here is the video of the weapon in action.

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