Revealing The Control Panel To Ruin Egor's Experiment

Ruin Egor's Experiment

As part of the visionary quest to ruin Egors experiment, you will come across a terminal in the middle of the field. You will be unable to interact with it and the name will just be a few question marks. How are you meant to interact with it?

How To Interact With The Invisible Terminal

I will include a video guide below to show you how to do this as there are a few steps involved in making the terminal visible so that you can interact with it.

To do this, you will need to go to the nearby room and take a nullifying box. This will make your slaps inactive but since this terminal is using the invisibility slabs technology. Using the machine that disables your slabs will also disable the cloak on the terminal, allowing you to input the code to turn it off and ruin the experiment.

Before you drop the nullifying sphere, make 100% sure there are no enemies nearby. The first time I did this, there was someone nearby who ended up shooting me and since my revival slab was inactive due to the sphere, I almost died without a second life.

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