Open Charlies Secret Classpass Door Under Castle In Updaam


When making your way through the spaceship crash site where Charlie likes to hang out at Updaam, you may find a secret door beneath the main structure. The door looks out of place for everything else in the area. When you try to open the door, it will not open and tell that you need a class pass in order to get inside.

Getting inside the door isn’t too difficult, but it will require you to use a part of your day to go to another part of the island in order to obtain a class pass. Here is what you need to do.

How To Get A Class Pass

A class pass is a security feature that will block you from using your slabs when it is active. This includes your second chance. When you have a class pass, the loop instantly resets when you die.

where to get classpass
This machine will equip you with a class pass, but at a cost

To get a class pass, head to Fristad Bay in the morning. Make your way to the main casino building. Outside the front door, you will find a machine that will issue a class pass. Check out the video below and this will show you where to find the machine and how to interact with it.

What Is Inside The Class Pass Door?

I would warn spoilers here but reading this might save you some time. There is pretty much nothing inside here. You will get a passcode that you can use to turn off the class pass security system. This may be useful on higher difficulties if you are struggling to survive but if you are playing on normal or do not find the game hard, you won’t really need the code inside this room.

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