How To Trick Alexis Into Revealing Himself

Trick Alexis Into Revealing Himself

The large party thrown at Dursey Manor will be the test of most peoples stealth skills. You can slip in through the roof, or through several little cracks and nooks for that matter, but you cant avoid having to jump straight into the lion’s den as part of the main visionary quest to kill Alexis.

Despite being able to just kill everyone in the building and eventually kill Alexis in the process, you must trick Alexis into revealing himself in order to complete the quest and be able to progress with the story. This quest requires quite a bit of thinking and reading. Even at that it can be hard to get the hang of. Here is what you need to do.

Tricking Alexis Into Revealing Himself

So the short answer is you need to get to the DJ booth inside the house and change the pattern of the track to the hot new “secret” track that Alexis has been working on. This will make him start dancing and he will want to take credit for his awesome new track. The question is, how do you figure out what the code is to enter on the DJ box?

Unlike most codes in this game, the code for this will not get saved to the quest log. You can try 3-3-1-4 as this was the code that worked for me, but as with most codes in this game, they are liable to change randomly for each player, so this code may not do the job for you.

If this code does not work, you can follow the video guide below that will show you how to find the code in Alexis’s bedroom and how to then make it to the DJ booth to enter the code and make him reveal himself.

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