How To Unlock Sealed Chests On The Moon

sealed chest on moon

If you have spent any amount of time exploring the Moon in Destiny 2, you are sure to have come across these odd-looking chests that have green runes on them and appear to be covered in barnacles. When you go over to the chest, it will say “sealed” and you will be unable to open it. How are you supposed to open this up?

The good news here is that unlike some other types of chests that require you to obtain abilities or items from elsewhere, the solution to these sealed chests is in the same room you are in, you just need to know what to do. The video guide below will show you exactly what you need to do to unlock sealed chests on the moon. For a text guide, scroll down for some images and a written description on what you need to do.

Find Matching Runes In Room

On the front of the sealed chest, you will see a series of runes. This will vary depending on the chest. It will be a random roll that can differ each time you find a sealed chest. Take note of these runes and the order in which they appear.

sealed chest on the moon
Sealed chests on the moon look a lot different to other chests and stand out quite a bit. Note the runes on the front

Look around the area, looking up high and on the walls and you will spot that there are some similar runes around the room. You will eventually find all of the runes that are on the chest. You will now need to shoot them in the order they appear on the chest. Once you do this, the chest will unlock automatically.

runes to unlock chest
Look around the room for similar runes to what you see on the front of the chest.
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