Operation Seraph's Shield Exotic Quest Guide

Operation Seraph's Shield

Operation Seraph’s Shield is the latest exotic quest in Destiny that was included as part of Season 19 – Season of the Seraph. This is a rather long and often challenging quest that is going to test your combat, platforming, and puzzle-solving skills.

The quest is broken up into a few different sections that focus more heavily on different aspects of the gameplay in Destiny 2. If you want to get stuck into this or are having trouble with any of the challenges, this guide will help you out.

Using Scanners & Augments

A large part of this quest is based on making use of augments. Augments will give you the ability to hack terminals, break computer panels, and to destroy certain enemy shields. The game will explain how they work as you go along, so there shouldn’t be anything overly difficult.

Augment Stuck Floating

The first time you take part in this quest, you will need to kill an enemy for them to drop the augment for use in this room. You may notice that the augment is stuck floating in the air. This is normal. It may be a bug but it shouldn’t have any negative impact on the quest. You will be able to continue on just fine. So long as you see “Scanner” as an active effect on your character, the augment is picked up and is applied to you.

autment stuck floating
The augments will appear to be stuck floating in the air, even after you pick them up. This is normal and doesn’t cause any issues with the quest.

Microwave Laser Room

You will eventually reach a room that contains 9 different control panels along with some lasers and an open floor. If you walk on the wrong panel on the floor or interact with the wrong control panel, the room will respond by cooking you to death using microwave emitters on the roof. Death is not a big deal but it will mean you have to wait 15 seconds to respawn if you do not have a team member to revive you. You likely have two questions at this point. What is the correct path to take along the floor and which of the nine control panels do you need to interact with to progress?

Correct Floor Path

Let’s start with the correct path to take along the floor. Certain floor panels will trigger the room to kill you and others will not. How do you figure out which ones. Using the augment, you will be able to see the correct floor panels. Simply look through the window outside and you will clearly see the correct path to take.

correct floor path in microwave room
The correct path to take will be clearly illuminated. Keep note of this as you walk to avoid standing on the wrong square.

Which Terminals To Interact With

The next part of the puzzle is knowing which of the 9 terminals to interact with. This is a random roll each time you play so there is no single correct answer but it is very easy to figure out which terminal you need.

Head up to the second floor, right next to where you pick up the augment. There is a large glass window looking into an empty room. If you have the augment picked up, you will notice that three of the nine terminals inside are highlighted. This directly corresponds to the terminals in the room below. You will need to hack each of the terminals in the room below that are highlighted in the room above.

correct terminals to hack
The terminals are highlighed in this empty room. You can’t get inside but if you hack the same terminals in the room below you will unlock the door into the next room

Operation Seraph’s Shield Boss Fight

The boss battle in Operation seraph’s shield will require you to make use of various pieces of knowledge that you have picked up throughout this quest. The boss itself isn’t overly difficult but the large number of enemies that infinitely spawn can be problematic if you do not have good crowd-control weapons. The boss has three segments to its health bar. Once the shield goes up, you will need to work out how to bring it down, here’s what to do.

Bringing Down Praksis Shield

As soon as his shield goes up, an enemy with a shield augment will show up. Kill it and pick up the augment right away. There will be three circles on the left, center, and right side of the room. You will need to stand inside these with the augment active and shoot at the boss. This is similar to what you had to do with a servitor earlier on. You will know the augment is active because Praksis will have a blue grid pattern on him.

how to bring down praksis shield
When standing in the circle with the augment active, you will see a blue grid pattern show up on top of praksis. Shoot him while in this to activate this circle. Do it for all three before moving onto the next stage.

Destroying the Shield Generators

Just like you had to do with the servitor, once all three circles are active, you will need to destroy the shield generator. This is a sort of UFO-looking thing. There are three of them in the room. They are all easy to find and if the description below is unhelpful, the video above will show you where to find them.

how to damage praksis
There will be three of these generators in the locations defined below. Shoot them all to destroy them and you will be able to damage praksis
  1. Left side of the room. On the far left is a door in the middle. The door will open up and the shield generator will be inside.
  2. Center of the room. Right below where Praksis first spawns is a door. The generator is inside here.
  3. Right side of the room. Opposite to where the generator is on the left. There is a door right in the middle that opens up.
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