Rockstar To Reveal Red Dead Redemption 2 News On September 28th

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been in the works for a while and since the initial reveal, we have heard very little else about the game.

Today (Friday 22nd of September) Rockstar send out the image above on their social media accounts. The date written over the signature red background of Red Dead can only mean one thing. We are going to get some new Red Dead Content.

What they are going to show off is still a secret but we can hope it is some gameplay or something of substance.

With the huge success of the multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto 5, one can only guess that the same multiplayer will be coming to Red Dead. I’m sure everyone is excited to see what new levels of micro transactions they have been able to weave into this. Overpriced cactus cards to give you in game currency in order to build a kick ass wagon that will get you all the ladies. Maybe add some fancy neon lights to your horses feet??

Hold out until September 28th to find out more!

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