Shooty Fruity Review

Shooty Fruity
shooty fruity review

In a market filled with VR shooting gallery games, Shooty Fruity tries to put its own spin on the genre by testing your ability to multitask. While blowing up fruit, you will also need to make sure you scan groceries, prepare meals or pick items off a conveyor belt. This game will test your multitasking abilities and provide you with a lot of entertainment in the process. Shooty Fruity is a game that manages to stick out from the rest for being quite weird.

The fruit has come to life and grown 10 times larger than normal. For some reason, they want to kill you! You will need to hold off the attack of killer fruit while also making sure you perform your regular job. The playful visual style makes this seem like it might be a bit of an easy game, but it gets incredibly hectic.

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The game is split into three game modes. All three require you to shoot fruit, all that changes is the job you need to perform. A zip line will hang in front of you in each mode and various weapons will slide across this for you to take. The faster you do your job, the sooner you will see better weapons appear on this line. Doing your job will also unlock power-ups such as slow-mo, armor piercing rounds or rapid fire.

The first game mode places you at the checkout in a supermarket. Groceries will come down the conveyor belt and you need to scan them. As you get onto the harder levels, the bar-codes will only be on one side of the item, making it more tricky for you to be fast. It is quite easy to multi-task here as you can have a gun in your right hand and use your left to do the scanning.

The second mode is set in a restaurant. Before you get excited, this does not involve food and is a little disappointing. You have four containers in front of you with colored boxes inside them. A dinner tray will slide down in front of you and you will need to place a colored box onto the tray of the same color. This is definitely the least fun of all the game modes. Compared to the other two, this is very slow. The rate at which the trays come is very slow and it makes the whole thing quite boring.

kitchen tray game mode

The final game mode is a sort of assembly line. There are two conveyor belts to your left and right. In the middle, you have three tubes with an image above them. You must pick the matching items from the conveyor belt and drop them into the corresponding shoots. You will feel like an absolute boss when you are hopping back and forth grabbing everything you can while keeping an eye on the fruit that has started to make its way toward you. The downside to this is that you can very easily miss your power-ups. They come down the same conveyor belts as the items and if you miss one, it’s gone.

All in all, these additions give add an extra layer of fun to what is otherwise a fairly cut and paste VR shooting gallery. Your weapons have a laser dot so you know where you aim and that is literally it. Point and shoot!

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The visual style of the game is a lot of fun. Very colorful environments with diverse and colorful fruit. The facial animations are quite funny, it helps set the light-hearted tone. Fear is one emotion that does not flare up in this game. As you destroy the fruit, splats of color are spewed across the floors and walls. By the end of the round, the level is a colorful mess.

The game modes are split up into rounds called shifts. In other words, you work the night shift, day shift etc. Each shift has three challenges for you to complete. These challenges might be to destroy 10 fruit with a shotgun, kill 10 fruit in one minute. All fairly common challenges. Completing a challenge will get you a star with a three-star result being the max score you can get for any shift.

Although the focus of the game is around blowing up fruit, the actual game modes do not really focus on it. Blowing up fruit will earn you juice. This is the currency used in the game. You can spend juice to unlock more powerful weapons. While the game modes are fun, there should really have been a fourth game mode where the focus is to kill as much fruit as possible. You will unlock a lot of cool weapons by the end of the game that you don’t get to use all that much in the standard game modes. You will see occasional moments where you are going full Rambo, but they are few and far between. A game mode dedicated to going full blown crazy would have been a lot of fun.

Once you complete the final challenge, you should be fairly satisfied with the experience. There is probably around 6-8 hours worth of gameplay if you want to get three stars on every challenge. Shooty fruity is definitely one of the more playful and funny VR shooters out there. If you like shooting gallery games and want to take a break from the military style shooters, this one is a great choice.


A welcome break from the more hardcore style of VR shooters. Blowing up fruit while having to focus on processing items on a conveyor belt is hectic fun. The visual style helps relieve any stress you might have from having to multitask like this. Shooty Fruity is light hearted fun that focuses in you having a good time rather than trying to survive. It is a fairly short game with some interesting mechanics that are a welcome change from the standard shooters we are used to.
  • The visual style is easy on the eyes. Lots of color and happiness.
  • Combining grocery scanning with shooting enemies is far more fun than it initially seems.
  • Some additional game modes would have made the existing modes get stale less quickly.
  • The woman speaking over the intercom has about 10 phrases which get repeated a LOT.