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doctor who edge of time

A Doctor Who VR Game is On The Way!

Back when David Tennant was the Doctor, I was alwas wondering why they never made a video game of it. Theres more...

How Augmented Reality Is Transforming the Gaming Industry

While the gaming industry seems to be focused on virtual reality, throwing money at Oculus and other VR platforms, augmented reality is...
dick wilde 2

Interview With Dick Wilde 2 Developer

With the upcoming release of Dick Wilde 2 for VR platforms, I was able to get the opportunity to talk with the...
AR vr VR

The Difference Between VR and AR

Acronyms are confusing at the best of times. When it comes to emerging gaming tech, AR and VR are two that most...
dick wilde 2

Time To Purge The Swamp, Dick Wilde 2 Coming In Feburary

Load up yer pistols n head down to there swamp, it's time fer some monster killin' with Dick Wilde 2!
VR Motion Sickness Vomit

How To Prevent VR Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can make or break a VR game for you. I recently wrote an article that explained what VR motion sickness...

Shooty Fruity

A welcome break from the more hardcore style of VR shooters. Blowing up fruit while having to focus on processing items on a conveyor belt is hectic fun. The visual style helps relieve any stress you might have from having to multitask like this. Shooty Fruity is light hearted fun that focuses in you having a good time rather than trying to survive. It is a fairly short game with some interesting mechanics that are a welcome change from the standard shooters we are used to.
VR Headset

What is VR Motion Sickness?

With the rising popularity of virtual reality gaming, more and more people are getting to experience the virtual world first time. Unfortunately...
psrv with move controllers

Guide To Using The PS Move Controllers With the PSVR

Navigating The PS4 Menu This is probably the first issue most people are going to come across. You no longer have a dpad or an...
Portal Aperture Robot Repair Vive VR Demo Looks Amazing

Portal Aperture Robot Repair Vive VR Demo Looks Amazing

It feels like VR has been on the way forever, but the wait is getting less and less. The partnership between Steam and HTC...