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Dick Wilde 2 Review

Score: 6.5/10
Swamp creatures have mutated to monsterous sizes and are out to kill you. How did they get this big? why do they want to kill you? Who cares! All that matters is that you get to blow them all to...
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Time To Purge The Swamp, Dick Wilde 2 Coming In Feburary

Post - Gaming News
Load up yer pistols n head down to there swamp, it's time fer some monster killin' with Dick Wilde 2! Action packed VR shooter Dick Wilde is making is making its return with the exciting sequel, appropriately named Dick Wilde...
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Shooty Fruity Review

Score: 8/10
In a market filled with VR shooting gallery games, Shooty Fruity tries to put its own spin on the genre by testing your ability to multitask. While blowing up fruit, you will also need to make sure you scan groceries,...