Bendyfigs LOTR Gollum Figure Review

Bendyfigs LOTR Gollum Figure
Bendyfigs LOTR gollum

Always on the lookout for cool figures, I recently came across a line of Lord of the Rings figures from Bendyfigs for a seriously cheap price. Having already purchased the Sauron figure and being quite surprised with how good it was for the price, I decided to buy the Gollum figure to give Sauron a friend to hang out with on the shelf.

First impressions were quite good, the figure was quite big, the detail was good and he sure does look ugly as hell. There is a fairly glaring issue when you turn him around and look at the back, however. There are lots of these weird holes on the joints.

bendyfigs gollum

These holes likely exist as part of the “bendy” aspect. They allow you to bend the arms a bit without snapping them. This might make them a good choice for kids to use a as toy but sort of redundant for those who want to keep them on a shelf.

The good news is these holes are on the back of the figure so if you wanted to use the stand that comes with it to put it on a shelf, you can face these holes away from view and you will not notice them at all.

bendyfigs gollum review

One of the most glaring issues with the set of figures is how inconsistent the sizes are. These figures are meant to be part of the same series. While it is not uncommon for lines of figures to have scales that are not true to the original, it seems very strange that Gollum would be taller than Sauron. It makes Gollum look like some weird giant.

lord of the rings bendyfigs

Purchasing more than one of these to display as a group is not a great idea when you see how bad they look together. Gollum looks like some sort of giant creature next to Sauron who should be towering over him. For the price, you can’t be complaining too much but it is a weird one to see them having such odd sizes.


Initial impressions were positive, with the figure being big and detailed, but the presence of holes on the joints at the back was a noticeable issue. These holes serve the purpose of allowing bending but are redundant for shelf display. However, if placed on a stand with the holes facing away, they are not visible. Another problem is the inconsistency in sizes between Gollum and Sauron, with Gollum appearing taller and making the figures look odd when displayed together.
  • Great value for money
  • Figures are proportionately inconsistent to others within the same collection