Need help getting out of the secret room in Dominos underwater base


Domino locked Meche behind a big iron door after she pulled a gun on him. I was able to unlock the door that she was locked behind by lining up the tumblers on the side of the door. I went inside and closed the door behind me and now I’m stuck inside. I’ve tried using the big axe to open it, but nothing works.

Need help getting out of the secret room in Dominos underwater base
Grim Fandango

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Dan -

The first thing to do is to equip your scythe and touch it off the yellow wire just above the door. This will open a secret door.

Go inside the secret room and Meche will be in there. I’m not sure the exact order, but you will need to swipe at the water pipes / shower on the celing with your scythe. Mannie might say he cant reach, which means you are looking at the vent not the shower. He will jump and swipe at the shower when you do it right. When it’s done go over and then the valve on the right side of the screen.

Once the room is filled up with water, turn the same valve again and all the water will drain out of the room. Take note of the tile that all the water seems to drain out of. This was a white tile next to the black tile in the middle of the room.

Go out and get the big axe and drag it into the secret room. Drag it on top of the tile that the water drained into. Press X to lift it up and then it slams down, breaking the tile. Move the axe out of the way and you can now escape through the hole in the ground.

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