How do you get last the sharks in the sewers/boiler area?

I am on the rubber duck ring in the boiler area with all the water. Once I open the spiked door, 3 sharks come swimming in and I can’t escape them. They keep popping the boat. I don’t see anything I could do with Gooigi to help either. How do you get past them?

How do you get last the sharks in the sewers/boiler area Luigi's Mansion 3

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You need to lure them up one side of the channel. I used the red floating thing. As soon as they come through, stick to one side of the floating red thing and when they are as far to one side, zip across to the other side of the water and get around them this way. It is a bit tricky but you will get it if you make sure to rove yourself enough space to quickly speed past them.


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