Where to Find Raccoons In Forbidden West

It is good to see that even after the world ended and was reborn, our beloved trash pandas were able to make their way back to the planet. Raccoons are one of the most common wild animals in Horizon: Forbidden West. They run slower and tend to be pretty bad at running away from you, so you are sure to come across a lot of these little guys.

Raccoons are small, fox sized mammals that can be found in wooded areas of the game. They are relatively slow-moving compared to other animals in the game. They sort of look like a mix between a fox and a small bear. Their tail is a big giveaway as to what they are but since they tend to hang out in the woods where there’s lots of grass and foliage, you will need to make use of your focus to spot them properly.

where to find raccoons
Raccoons are very common in the starting area of the game. This is your best place to go to grind the items they drop as the risk from machines is very low.

Raccoons are easy to spot. They have a tendency to run out in front of you a lot, which makes them a very easy target. They also spawn in fairly large amounts, which should make it very easy for you to collect items.

raccoons in forbidden west
Raccoons are fairly small animals that are slow-moving and easy to hunt.

How To Get Raccoon Hide

Raccoon hide is an item that is dropped when hunting Raccoons in the wilderness. The drop rate of hide is higher than bones but you should find it easy to obtain both. Since Raccoons are very easy to find and also very easy to hunt, you should have no problem obtaining enough Raccoon hide to fulfil all of your pouch crafting needs.

What Is Raccoon Hide used for

Raccoon hide is primarily used as a crafting component when creating new pouches. You will not need too much but you should check out the pouch crafting guide for a detailed breakdown of animal items you will need.

How To Get Raccoon Bones

Raccoon bones, just like hide, is a random drop that will appear when killing a Raccoon. The drop rate is less common than hide but it is not all that rare. You should find you get these often enough as drops from dead animals.

What Are Raccoon Bones Used for?

Raccoon bones are used as a crafting component at workbenches and can be used as a key crafting ingredient in creating pouch upgrades to increase inventory carry capacity.

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