How To Find Zavala's Office In The Tower

During the Witch Queen campaign in Destiny 2, you are going to get an objective where you will need to return to the Tower, a familiar location but Zavala’s office..where the hell is this?

You are not alone, most of us are going to have no idea where to find  Zavala’s office. Why does he even need an office when he spends the majority of his time hanging out in the main area, dishing out vanguard strike bounties to everyone who needs them. Nonetheless, he does have an office, and here is where to find it.

Where To Find Zavala’s Office

Zavala’s office can be found below the bridge just behind Banshee-44’s storefront (the gun bounty guy). There is a metal bridge bringing you across to the area where you can find the drifter, Ada, and other characters. If you check this bridge, you will see there is an elevator. You may have gone down there once before only to find nothing of interest. Well, there is something of interest down there now.

Head down the elevator and you will see the quest marker has been updated to tell you where to go. This is where you will find Zavala’s office in the tower. It is a bit out of the way, you would think he might get a more premium spot but this is where to find it.

If you are unsure where it is, this quick video guide will make it a lot easier to find the office very quickly.

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