How to Distract Guards in The School Gym

In Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 5, players will find themselves engrossed in various challenging missions, each requiring a unique strategy to complete. One such mission involves obtaining a memory stick from a guard, which proves to be a thrilling exercise in stealth and environmental interaction. In this mission, Spider-Man is tasked to navigate a school gymnasium patrolled by guards. Here’s a detailed guide to help you distract the guards effectively and retrieve the memory stick.

Objective: To successfully retrieve the memory stick from the guard, you must distract three guards patrolling the school gymnasium without getting caught. Utilize Spider-Man’s web-slinging abilities and interact with the environment to create diversions.

getting the thumb drive back from the guards

  1. Distracting Guard One: Basketball Cart
    • Locate the cart filled with basketballs within the gymnasium.
    • Use the combination of R1+L1 to pull the cart, causing the basketballs to scatter across the floor, capturing the guard’s attention.
  2. Distracting Guard Two: Tiered Seats
    • Find the tiered seats in the gymnasium. These are typically located at the sides of the gym.
    • Press R1+L1 simultaneously to pull out the tiered seats, creating a noticeable disturbance that will divert the guard’s focus.
  3. Distracting Guard Three: Balloon Pop
    • Identify balloons situated around the gymnasium. They might be hanging from the ceiling or attached to various objects.
    • Employ the R1 button to shoot webs at the balloons, causing them to pop. The sudden noise will divert the last guard’s attention, allowing you to proceed.

Employ stealth and strategic use of Spider-Man’s abilities to interact with different elements within the gymnasium environment. By effectively using the basketball cart, tiered seats, and balloons as distractions, you can divert the guards’ attention away from their patrol paths, allowing Spider-Man to retrieve the memory stick undetected. Remember, timing and precision are crucial in executing these distractions successfully. Happy gaming!

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