Haunted Large Crate Puzzle Room Solution

This puzzle is found toward the end of Level 3: Haunted in Vaporum. You will need to get a golden key that is locked inside a box that is currently blocked by a large door. In order to get to the lever to open this door, you will need to move the boxes around to give you access. The area is super cramped and most boxes cant even be moved which makes this quite a difficult puzzle to complete. This one had me stuck quite quickly, but I wrote down the steps I took and here is the solution to complete the crate puzzle in Haunted.

Below is a map that I created using the latest technology that I had at hand..paper! The map is split up into a grid with the goal of pulling the switch at position 8.

vaporum crate room puzzle map

  1. Take crate F and pull it around to square 11. You will need to drag it the long way around from 19, 20, 15 etc until you get to 11.
  2. Drag block E from position 14 to position 20
  3. Drag block C down from position 13 to position 28
  4. Drag block E from position 20 to position 29
  5. Drag block B to the right from position 12 to position 13.
  6. Drag block A down from position 7 to position 12.
  7. Walk around the edge of the area to get to the position 6 and pull the block in position 8 over to position 7.
  8. Walk around the edge again and pull block D down from position 9 to position 14.
  9. You now have the ability to access the switch. Go to position 10 and you can walk over to position 8 from here now that block D is out of the way. Pull the switch and this will cause the door to open up and give you access to the safe with the golden key.

This was probably the most difficult puzzle in Vaporum, at least for me anyway so hopefully this guide helps. If anything isn’t right with it let me know.

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