The Thumium Experiment Pressure Plate Puzzle Level 9

The Thumium Experiment Pressure Plate Puzzle

This puzzle is a secret area in the 9th level in Vaporum called “The Thumium Experiment”. This is a room of pressure plates that control a door at the end. The goal is to stand on every single pressure plate only once. Once you have stood on every single plate in the room the door will open up giving you access to the chest. This guide will show you the path to complete this puzzle.

vaporum pressure plate puzzle

Before you get started, you need to be aware that the light at the opposite side of the room from where you entered needs to be green. If it is red then the puzzle is currently in a failure state and is not registering any new attempts. If the light is red or you make a mistake, go back to the entrance to the room and you will see a switch on the wall that will allow you to reset the puzzle and try again.

Just like my previous guide for Vaporum, I have created a super high-tech map for you to follow. This one needs very little explaining. You will start at the entrance just behind number 1. The squares without numbers are not pressure plates. Walk around the map making sure you stand on each of the pressure plates in the order that they are listed in the image below. The final plate you stand on will need to be position 17 as the door opens up directly in front of you.

the thumium experiment pressure plate puzzle path

It is easy to make a mistake so if you do, go back to the entrance and as you can see on the image, there is a little shape that I have drawn to show where the reset button is. Press this button in order to reset the puzzle and try again.

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