Doom Campaign Length Revealed

It’s been a long time since we have been able to sink our teeth into a new Doom game. As the games gets close to release, we start to get more and more good news about the games release. The latest news to come in the form of a tweet from the developer is the length of the games campaign. So how long is the Doom campaign?

The length of a games single player is weighed in by many many factors. An experienced gamer, familiar with the series can beat the game far quicker the first time around than someone who has never played a game before. When a developer says their game is going to be a certain amount, its generally a good idea to subtract at least 25% from that total. No developer is going to say that their game lasts 6 hours, otherwise people may not even buy it.

Doom games usually have quite a bit of content and puzzles to solve which should extend the time it takes to beat the game, so it will be a tough one to call until we actually get the game in our greasy hands and play it for ourselves.

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