The Blackout Club First Impressions

My adventures into the horror genre are very few and far between. I am a total wuss for this stuff. It isn’t very often I’d even consider a horror game, but blackout club was one I thought might be worth the chance. There’s a bunch of kids in it, it can’t be THAT scary?

Well the gamble was worth it, the game isn’t TOO scary. In saying that, I didn’t have the balls to make it through the tutorial. I got too scared when the lights went out and just quit and joined a multiplayer game instead. Having put a few hours in now, I think I may go back and play the intro. I don’t think there will be anything that will destroy my pants, but I’ll have to report back on this.

So far I am really enjoying this game. The atmosphere is really cool. It is a deep mystery that only the children are aware of and capable of solving. You sort of know that the plot isn’t going to have a bunch of 10 year olds getting murdered so you feel a sense of safety. It seems to be verging on the sort of Stranger Things feel but doesn’t take as much advantage of it as it should.

upper street area
The streets are spooky in a scooby doo kinda way. Its a lot of fun having to run around up here

The story progression works a lot like the Save the World game mode in Fortnite. This is both good and bad. It is good in that you can easily jump into other games with people. The downside is that unless you host yourself, you will never progress through the story. You will just be doing random missions here and there and more often than not, doing the same missions multiple times over.

Since I am playing this without a group, I have found myself having to join other peoples games to make the most of it. This is fun, but I have played the same few missions a dozen times now. It looks like I will just have to host and risk playing alone to see If i can progress through the story a bit.

The gameplay itself feels a bit glitchy at times. Pushing the thumb stick upwards to climb down a ladder feels weird. There’s lots of other little things that just make the experience feel a bit clunky. Nonetheless, I am still hooked by this game. The stealth is so much fun!

I have only played in the one level so far. I’m not sure if there are more levels, but everything is taking place inside the one neighborhood street. Roaming around the street is really cool. A bunch of adults sleepwalking around the place. You and your friends must sneak around the place and complete objectives without alerting anyone.

stealth on roof
The stealth is a lot of fun when everyone is blind

Below the street is something called the Maze. This is where all the weird ass cultists are roaming around and things get a hell of a lot harder down here. At first I hated it down here, I felt it ruined the game as it was such an unusual atmosphere in the street and then turned into a run of the mill horror in the Maze. I still haven’t warmed to it, but I don’t hate it so much anymore.

For a place called the Maze, it is surprisingly easy to learn your way around it. Now that I am able to find my way and know where I am going, navigating it is far less stressful. One thing I am curious about and have yet to find any information on are these mysterious red doors that are all over the place.Will have to push on with the story to find out more.

Weird Red Doors
Weird Red Doors

So far, I am enjoying this game a lot. It’s definitely a game better suited to a group of real life friends who buy it together rather than someone buying it alone.There is no incentive to join someone else’s game so it’s just going to be lots of people playing alone. Trying to progress through the story.

I will hopefully have a game review published soon once I have had more time to see what this game has to offer.

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