Skyrim Dragon Name Generator

skyrim dragon name generator

Dragons are one of the most popular mythical creatures in video games. It’s no wonder, with all of their amazing colours and massive size, that these creatures catch the imagination. They also happen to be really hard to defeat in Skyrim! That is assuming, you don’t dial that difficulty slider all the way to the bottom.

A dragon is just a fire-breathing (and sometimes ice or other elemental things) creature that flies through the sky on wings and guards a treasure hoard. There are five types of dragons in Skyrim: Frost Dragon, Elder Dragon, Ancient Dragon, Fire Dragon and Stormcloak/Greybeard. The type of dragon will influence its appearance and what sort of attack damage it does.

Skyrim is set in the province of Skyrim (I wonder where they got the game name from), in Tamriel, and is home to many mythical creatures such as Dragons, giant mammoths and trolls. Dragons in the game are extremely powerful creatures that are quite difficult to defeat. Many of them guard treasure hoards, meaning that you need to kill these beasts before you can even think about looting their riches.

Skyrim does not allow players to tame dragons, which would be pretty amazing. But if you are working on some Skyrim inspired fiction, you may be in the market for some Skyrim dragon name ideas. This generator offers random dragon names to create a unique and memorable character. You can use the filter to switch between a range of different dragon styles in order to get the perfect name for your dragon character.


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